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How to solve the different length of plastic bag in making bag mechanism

Back Date:2018-10-31 11:08:48

Perhaps most friends do not know that there is still a phenomenon, the plastic bag making machine in the process of bag making, the length of the finished plastic bag, sometimes long and sometimes short. That's certainly not the case, but how do you deal with that? What causes this phenomenon? Here is a detailed analysis by the editor.

1: the dust on the photoelectric head of plastic bag making machine is much. When there is too much dust on the photoelectric controller, it will affect the luminosity and intensity of the laser, so that the length of the plastic bag cannot be controlled accurately.

2: problem of photoelectric head equipment of plastic bag making machine. Because the quality of bag making machine of some businessman cannot assure, used inferior photoelectric head fittings, cause sensitivity not up to standard, the solution is to replace photoelectric head.

3: the speed of plastic bag making machine is too high. Some accessories cannot be more rhythmic and should be tested at a lower speed.

4: overtightness of vertical blanching cloth. Increased feeding pressure.

5: the feeding and pressing device of plastic bag making machine are out of sync. Feeding is too fast, too slow or too tight, and the pressure device is too loose, this phenomenon is easy to appear plastic bags of different lengths.

6: the tracking power of bag making machine is not obvious. Tracking parts quality is not good, or use too long, the actual effect is not obvious, can not play a good function.

Above are the main reasons and solutions for different lengths of plastic bags in the bag making mechanism. Besides, there are some other reasons, such as the deviation of plastic film in the rubber roller before the plastic bag making machine.


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