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What about plastic film deviation in the rubber roller before plastic bag making machine

Back Date:2018-10-31 11:10:51

Operators may have seen the plastic film in the rubber roller before bag making machine, why the plastic film is biased? How to solve the problem of bag-making machine operators? Li chengfeng machinery installation trial adjustment team in the majority of plastic bag making machine customer installation trial adjustment, the accumulation of rich experience, now li chengfeng machinery small make up the relevant knowledge such as, so that customers and friends to learn and reference. There are several main reasons and solutions for plastic film deviation in the rubber roller before plastic bag making machine:

1. The pressure of the plastic roller of the bag making machine is not even, which leads the advancing plastic film towards the direction of high pressure. The solution is to test whether the plastic roller is standard round. Whether the cots are completed before parallel; And then whether the cots are horizontal. The problems are examined one by one and then solved.

2. The photoelectric frame of the plastic bag making machine may be inclined, which must be kept level with the front rubber roller. If the photoelectric frame is carried forward it will cause the plastic film to go out, whereas the photoelectric frame is carried backward the plastic film will go in.

3. The perforating knife on the bag-making machine is not properly installed, which will lead to the phenomenon of warping up. As a result, the plastic film is biased, which cannot be ignored.

4, the reason of plastic film itself, if the thickness of both sides of plastic film is not even, the phenomenon that appears to go awry is the easiest occurrence, and find the reason easily again. Bag-making machine operators should be in the process of blowing film, to grasp the thickness of plastic film uniform, otherwise serious consequences!

5. The pressure of the horizontal sealing knife of bag making machine is uneven, and the result is that the pressure on which side of the cross sealing knife is high, and the plastic film runs to which side. At this time, it is required to check whether the pressure of the cross seal cutter is even, and correct adjustment is needed if there are problems.

6. The glue roller in the middle of the bag making machine is not parallel. No matter which set of cots, it must be adjusted to the standard parallel state.


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