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R machine edge - sealing bag machine common three failures and troubleshooting methods!

Back Date:2018-10-31 11:29:54

3 common faults and troubleshooting methods of side sealing bag-making machine of R machine should be read in detail before using bag-making machine. If necessary, please call the manufacturer directly to avoid unnecessary trouble. Some problems inevitably occur in daily production. This paper collects three common problems and makes a detailed explanation.

1. The incorrect length of bag making is mainly checked in the following aspects:

1. The grid voltage is not stable or too low.

2. The pressure of the rubber roller is too small.

3. The computer is broken, please replace it directly.

4. The feeding motor will not move, and the speed shall be reduced first and then slowly accelerated.

5. Diameter error of rubber roller, method, change rubber roller or upper grinding machine.

6. Set the system as the state of "color" and the system as the state of "white"

2. The main engine is often shut down too fast for bag-making, and the solution is relatively simple.

The main engine cannot start

1. Small relay is broken.

2. Cut off the computer signal, and connect the signal line.

3. The main machine contactor is broken or the contactor control circuit is not working


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